Lagos state child's right law campaign


Lagos state has adopted the Child’s Right Act 2003 (CRA 2003) into the Child’s Right Law 2007(CRL 2007). However, a lot of work and support is needed to make the implementation of this law a practical day to day reality for the average Nigerian child. To this effect, our work in this area includes raising awareness, giving talks, seminars and conferences, as well as training organizations that work with children in regards to children’s rights and their needs for protection from all forms of abuse and deprivation.

We specialize in training organizations such as churches and mosques, and other organizations that are interested in the welfare of children in Safeguarding and child protection processes. We also assist in creating Safeguarding policies and procedures for organizations and offer parenting classes in line with the Child Right Act of the state to safeguard and ensure the protection of children.


While education is recognized under the CRA 2003 and CRL2007 as a child’s fundamental right, Nigeria still has the highest number of out of school children in the whole of Africa.  This is a form of abuse and an infringement on the rights of the child. It also has huge socio-economic implications on Nigeria as a nation.

We strongly believe that Nigeria’s best future resources are its children and that education remains a major key in improving the life chances of children. In this regard, we aim to create public awareness for this serious nationwide socio-economic phenomenon and get as many out of school children back into education and support the children, parents, carers and schools to make this possible.

Apart from our work in the prisons and with widows, since 2005 Yeshua’s Arm has sponsored primary and secondary education of 100 disadvantaged children in Ajegunle a slum area in Lagos, Nigeria. Several of them have completed their secondary school education and gone on to various vocations.
Some of our sponsored children have continued in tertiary education. We continue to work with schools, churches and other established organisations to identify the neediest children whose education has been disrupted or is likely to be without our support.