At Yeshua’s Arm we believe that Every Child Matters and the rights of each needs to be upheld. We believe that prevention and early intervention is key to safeguarding and protecting children and keeping them within their families.

We focus on supporting children and families of African backgrounds in the UK through direct support, education and training via;

Safeguarding and Child Protection awareness programmes:

Many families migrate unaware of the laws, policies and cultural differences between their countries of origin and the UK. The benefits of safeguarding training, education and support for families is enormous and has a generational ripple effect.  It is preventative work and has the potential to save many children from the local authority care systems as well as prevent family breakdown. Lack of this support will continue to increase the likelihood of family breakdown, child abuse and children going into the care system. affect education, health, career and the general well being of families.

Parenting classes/programmes:

We help parents prepare for their roles at each developmental stage of their children and promote the use of positive parenting practices. Research points to the efficacy of parenting classes. One study suggests that parenting classes are effective at improving parenting skills. Another suggests that they can also lead to long-term benefits even after the class has ended. Parenting education programs can help improve communication between parents and children, and result in an overall better understanding between family members. Parental programmes have also been known to Improve parental mental health and well-being

Family relationship support

We provide one to one support to families to prevent breakdowns of family relationships.

We are currently developing our work around

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