About Us

Yeshua’s Arm was founded in 2004 and operates in the United Kingdom and Nigeria to support the education and protection of disadvantaged children. We started our Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) in 2005 to support the children of many widows back to education. We also carried out other programs between 2005-2016 including;

  • Supporting inmates in prisons by providing food, toiletries and stationaries to them,
  • Setting up a Widows Support Group for the mothers of the sponsored children,
  • Seting up a Micro Financing Support Program for the widows,
  • In the UK, we organized a preventative program funded by ‘Grassroots Grants’ called “The Black Parents Empowerment Program” (BPEP) to support disadvantaged African families and prevent their children from abuse.
  • In Nigeria, we also initiated a yearly project called Every Child Matters Campaign, a program where we inspired hundreds of disadvantaged children on the importance of education and provided essential educational materials to support their education and boost their self-esteem.

Our Vision

Yeshua’s Arm strongly believes every child has fundamental human rights that needs to be protected and promoted. This is in line with the United Nation’s Convention of the Rights of the Child,1989 (UNCRC), as well as the United Kingdom’s Children’s Act 1989 and the Child’s Right Act 2003 in Nigeria. Our vision currently focuses on every child’s fundamental right to PROTECTION and EDUCATION. We aim to carry out this vision in a 2-fold manner.

  • Firstly, by bringing direct aid and help break the circle of deprivation and poverty and improve the quality of life and life chances of children.
  • And secondly, to inform, advocate, train and educate on behalf of the underprivileged and influence the processes and policies that cause injustice and oppression. 

Our Work


Yeshua’s Arm started its Child Support Program in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria.  Ajegunle is one of the oldest slums in the previous capital of Nigeria, popularly known as ‘Jungle City’.  Here, the majority of people live amidst filth, disease and in over-crowded conditions.  For most of these people poverty is not only a reality, it is an unending cycle of deprivation.

Yeshua’s Arm works with churches, schools and other established organizations to identify the needs of children. These include orphans, children from widowed families and those in similar circumstances. All the children on our Child Sponsorship Program were all educated in private institutions to bring them at par with their peers from more privileged backgrounds. We supported these children back to school by covering their fees and ensuring that they have the essential educational materials to succeed, with some of them going as far as university level.  


Thousands of children have benefitted from our “Every Child Matters Program” which ran annually and bi-annually until 2016.  Through this program, we met the specific educational needs of a larger number of children. Thousands of children in deprived areas go to school without basic educational essentials to make learning enjoyable and effective. We have supported and made an impact in the lives of many deprived school children through the provision of everyday essential educational items such as school bags, books, pens, school shoes etc.


Since 2010, hundreds of people have participated in our bi-annual charity walk in the UK along the Thames River. We have raised thousands of pounds through this charity event that has included both the young and old and people from all walks of life.



Lagos state has adopted the Child’s Right Act 2003 (CRA 2003) into the Child’s Right Law 2007(CRL 2007). However, a lot of work and support is needed to make the implementation of this law a practical day to day reality for the average Nigerian child. To this effect, our work in this area includes raising awareness, giving talks, seminars and conferences, as well as training organizations that work with children in regards to children’s rights and their needs for protection from all forms of abuse and deprivation.

We specialize in training organizations such as churches and mosques, and other organizations that are interested in the welfare of children in Safeguarding and child protection processes. We also assist in creating Safeguarding policies and procedures for organizations and offer parenting classes in line with the Child Right Act of the state to safeguard and ensure the protection of children.


While education is recognized under the CRA 2003 and CRL2007 as a child’s fundamental right, Nigeria still has the highest number of out of school children in the whole of Africa.  This is a form of abuse and an infringement on the rights of the child. It also has huge socio-economic implications on Nigeria as a nation.

We strongly believe that Nigeria’s best future resources are its children and that education remains a major key in improving the life chances of children. In this regard, we aim to create public awareness for this serious nationwide socio-economic phenomenon and get as many out of school children back into education and support the children, parents, carers and schools to make this possible.

So Far...

Apart from our work in the prisons and with widows, since 2005 Yeshua’s Arm has sponsored the private primary and secondary education of 22 disadvantaged children in Ajegunle a slum area in Lagos, Nigeria. Several of them have completed their secondary school education and gone on to various vocations.
One of our sponsored children has continued in tertiary education and is currently in his fourth year at university studying accounting. We continue to work with schools, churches and other established organisations to identify the neediest children whose education has been disrupted or is likely to be without our support.
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Kemi Williams


Gladys Asogbon


Kemi qualified as a solicitor and barrister in Nigeria in 1992 and practised there until 1996.  It is Kemi’s passion for the welfare of children that led her to retrain as a social worker.  She has a certificate in counselling and holds both a Diploma and a Masters degree in Social Work from Goldsmith’s University.

Kemi’s working experience with children is broad.  She was previously a social worker and has worked in local government on child protection and welfare issues and cases in the UK.  Her experience covers areas such as assessing children in need, child protection, direct one-to-one work with children, counselling, and others.  She has worked with children of all ages who were in various unpalatable circumstances and situations.

Apart from her work as a social worker, Kemi is also involved in many voluntary activities.  She has been a volunteer in her local church for many years, working in various capacities and most recently with teenage children. Kemi’s interest in issues relating to children (especially underprivileged children) and her passion to make a difference in the lives of such children led her to found Yeshua’s Arm in 2004.

Kemi is a minister of the gospel, a fund-raiser for many good causes relating to children, including for the well-known children’s charity Genesis. She is also an entrepreneur, with interests in several businesses.

Gladys holds a BSc and MSc in Economics. She was a trader in the Nigerian financial services sector for a number of years, and was subsequently an economist in a UK government department. She was also a financial services regulator a significant period, where she held a number of roles including in policy and supervision. She is currently a senior compliance advisor in capital markets for a leading global financial services group.

Gladys has been working with children in various capacities for the local churches she has attended for more than twenty years. Gladys developed the pre-teens teaching curriculum for her church, which includes an annual pre-teens weekend away.  Gladys was also a School Governor for four years and has been involved with Yeshua’s Arm since inception.